The Co-Operative Studies on Brain Injury Depolarizations is an international research consortium focused on the role of spreading depolarizations in acute neurologic injury.

The Problem: Brain Tsunamis

Spreading depolarizations are waves of electrical silence caused by mass neuronal depolarizations in injured brain. These occur in traumatic brain injury, ischemic stroke, aneurysmal SAH and ICH.

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Spreading Ischemia

Spreading depolarizations are not only electrochemical waves, but also elicit profound changes in cerebral blood flow. These changes can help brain tissue recover, or in pathologic conditions, may worsen injury through a process known as spreading ischemia.

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Spreading Excitotoxicity

Excitotoxicity from excess NMDA receptor activation has been targeted as the pathologic culprit in brain injury for decades. New studies are uniting the theories of excitotoxicity and spreading depolarizations.