Past Meetings

Members of the group have convened at least once a year for a two-day meeting, often in conjunction with meetings of major national/international professional societies. Beginning in 2017 the COSBID meeting was renamed the International Conference on Spreading Depolarizations (iCSD). Attendance is open to all.



2016 Meeting – Albuquerque

iCSD2017    Berlin, Germany (Program PDF)

July 2016     Albuquerque, New Mexico (Program PDF)

Sept 2015    Helsingør, Denmark (meeting report, Program PDF)

Oct 2014     Boston, MA, USA (Program PDF)

Sept 2013    Innsbruck, Austria

Sept 2012    London, England

July 2011     Cincinnati, OH, USA

April 2010    Barcelona, Spain

May 2009 meeting in Heidelberg, Germany

May 2009    Heidelberg, Germany

May 2009     Heidelberg, Germany

Nov 2008     Washington, DC, USA

June 2008    Cambridge, England

Nov 2007     Cologne, Germany

May 2007    Berlin, Germany 2014

May 2006    Rotterdam, Holland

Oct 2006     Atlanta, GA, USA

June 2005    Cologne, Germany

Oct 2005     Washington, DC, USA

Dec 2004     London, England

Nov 2003     Copenhagen, Denmark